<3 <3 <3 <3 This is how <3 <3 <3 <3

If I said, that I want to touch you

Would that be the truth or a lie

As my body is yearning to be close to you

As my fingers are longing to touch every inch of your glowing skin

As my lips are aching to taste every drop of every you

As my womb is so much screaming for you to expand, possess, own my every me

Yet looking in your eyes, seeing your soul shining through, your life outstretched before me, vulnerable, open and bare. Letting me see your strength and weaknesses, the times that you conquer and those when you fail. Trusting me enough to show me your laughter, your tears, your reason for joy as for sorrow, your thoughts, your self, your insecurities. Your reflections on life and love, reaching as deep as the endless ocean, calling me to plunge in

So what if I fall, so what if I sink, so what if I drown

This is how I want to touch you


If I said, that I want to see you

Would that be the truth or a lie

As my soul is aching to be close to you every moment

As my days seem endless without you near

As my body is hurting to feel your skin so close to mine

As my ears waiting night and day for nothing than your tender voice

Yet looking with my heart, not with the eyes, i see how you are near even when night falls, even when feeling lonely and how your aching to be close to me unites us in each moment. From here I can see more than just your outer appearance. From here I can see your soul hurting, and your spirit dancing and I can sense your silent prayers and your joy you share with me and from this point of view I hear your silent tears falling for loneliness and your longing and search seems like my own. From here you´re never far away. Not even one step ahead of me. From here you couldn´t be closer.

So what if I miss, so what if I long, so what if I ache

This is how I want to see you


If I said, that I want to hold you

Would that be the truth or a lie

As my arms are reaching out for your every move

As my body bends just on your voice

As my fingers itch on just your memory

As my skin burns just by your touch

Yet knowing that the only way to hold a bird or a precious butterfly is by giving wings to his dreams. Is by smiling and true caring and by hoping and trusting as by providing food and shelter, and by listening to the ways hearts wanting to share, yet never building cages, yet never locking doors. Never pressing to strong or closing windows in front of love. Friendship, love and affection are like the wind, needing to dance wildly and freely.

So what if I get blown away, so what if the storm hauls, so what if we´re just near while flying free

This is how I want to hold you


If I said, that I want to love you

Would that be the truth or a lie

As my heart is beating faster by your touch

As my soul is missing you each day

As my body is reacting on just remembering your words

As my mind gets dizzy on your kiss

Yet knowing what Love means in so many cases, and how we´ve perverted the idea of giving our all to another, who´s giving his all to us. Now meaning pressure and expectations, frustrations and fear. The need to be hold rather than to hold and the wish that the other one would be created in my image. The failure to see his heart and soul and to ask for his deepest dreams. To not be able to meet his needs, because we didn´t ask in the first place. Talking of Love but meaning only our understanding of what we have experienced and of what has hurted us. So closing my mouth, not saying these words, but showing you I care, I listen, I will stand by you, assuring you of never ever being alone

So what if we call it differently, so what if we don´t put a tag, so what if there are no words for how I feel

This is how I want to love you


If I said, that I want to be close to you

Would that be the truth or a lie

As my body shivers by the sound of your every word

As my soul misses your thoughts when you re not around

As my spirit thirts for your words building bridges for us to be together

As my every piece is yearning for every piece of you, in, on and around me

Yet sensing you so closely in my mind and heart, filling my desires and my dreams, my longings and my nights. Being the reason for my aching and the reason for my smile. Making me pray to feel closer, thus getting closer to the loving universe each day. Experiencing joy and pain way more, because of sharing it with you, I feel priviledged of knowing the secret of how close in truth only souls can be. When time and space is of no importance anymore

So what if I get lost in time and space, so what if i seek you within this void, so what if learn many new ways of praying to the stars

This is how I want to be close to you <3