<3 <3 <3 Quello che ti esce dalla porta, prima o poi ti entra dalla finestra.<3 <3 <3

* Ein Wunsch ist das Anklopfen Gottes an die Pforte unseres Bewusstseins uns mehr Gutes zu geben *


<3 Ziele nach dem Mond, selbst wenn du ihn verpasst, wirst du zwischen den Sternen landen <3


<3 Tue immer was dein Herz dir sagt <3


Blickt euch um und ihr werdet Gott mit euren Kindern spielen sehen. Und blickt in den Himmelsraum. Ihr werdet ihn mit der Wolke wandeln, im Blitz seine Arme ausstrecken + im Regen herabsteigen sehen. Ihr werdet ihn in den Blumen lächeln sehen und dann emporsteigen und aus Baumkronen winken



Making Dreams come True

Natural light filtered into this winding passageway, exploding in  colours both subtle + brilliant ... caverns jawning; jagging projections clawed at the blue strip of sky above us. The treasury framed in the narrow opening at the end of the gorge ... Constructed to impress visitors as they entered the city, it accomplished its goal with spectacular effect, unfurling like a finely crafted symphony; starting with a catchy opening movement, slowly building up to burst upon its audience with a rousing crescendo ... a burst of colour ... the artist none other than nature herself. with fine-tipped brushes, she traced the contours of the rugged land in brilliant hues ... startling rainbow shades on pillars, walls, ceilings which almost seemed unreal.

Hours later Petra starts to glow with a mysterious aura as it is washed by the warm glow of the setting sun ... to be replaced only by thousands of candles, flackering in soft beduine flute melodies , lighting our way home ♡



Airportlounge ... early morning ... hot chocolate in cold hands ... rain falling outside ... backpack before me ... legs crossed on the floor ... some wild dreams in my bag, some longings, some sleepyness ... again ...



And you breathe. Chest filled with life. You breathe. World filled with life. Inside the deep, green, lively, lush Amazon Rainforest. Breathing in the hot humidity, the sun breaking in the high above leaves, shivering with the wind, the voices surrounding you, howling, singing,  screaming, dancing. Breathing deep pure life, pure love, pure gratitude, pure praise ... darkness takes over ... covering you with its gentle forgiveness, its soothing memories, its aching silence ... entering your tiny little wooden lodge ... golden shine of soft candles leading you deeper and deeper into meditation ... rainforest outside is singing, breathing, living ... tears slowly finding their way ... kissing your soft skin ... falling on your knees ... whispering `thank you` ... remaining in silence, in awe, in humble acceptance, in silent submission, in graceful prayer, in painful peace, in unwearying  wonder, in comforting rest ...

... as if you were taken by the hand, being led to eternal truths ... as if you will feel, breathe, inhale the true marrow of life itself, as you realise that you can try to escape truth, life, questions but never your longing, but never your heart, never ever your wildest dreams ...