Dedication to a Special One


you asked me, if you are really making me cry. you do - you made me cry, when i received your first poem `only with my eyes closed do i see you
the hidden fears of being found ...` after everyone just focused on my smile, my eyes, my body, without seeing my soul, i started to open up, to trust you to come closer ... you made me cry, when you sent me those poems, these beautiful words, full of joy, pain, love, longing ... i cried, when i received `Simply` and `Moon Crescent` and when i read `one encounter that became one life one path` and so so much when i read what will happen when `old age finds you`. and over and over i asked myself, how can there be someone feeling the exact same feelings, being almost one, as my mirror, reflecting evrything i feel, touching my spirit and soul with his words, letting his words, so incredibly, unbelievably beautifully written, express all of my deepest feelings, longings, dreams.
making me wish so very often, someday someone would write some words like these for me. and you made me cry when you did and you wrote me my first one `feet pressed like one fin, swimming through my dreams` imagination spills its ink onto morning sky ...
and you had my tears falling when i read your manual ... never thought you`d see me so clearly and would ever touch me so incredibly deeply.


but you also had me gasp and shivering

and bringing back all my halfway-burried dreams of longing, submission when you wrote about the `hummibgbirds` and when i heard you saying: am i reaching within you as i want ... getting closer ...
when i felt you so near, when you were lifting me, making me wish ...


and you make me laugh

about your jokes, your literary playfullness, your wit, your smartness, your creativity ...


and you leave me astonished and in awe

of your care for others, your empathy and love for those you re visiting, helping and working with, fighting for in old homes, on the streets, on death row.


and you make me love

your voice, your words, your smartness, your caring, your empathy, your insecurity, your writing, your thoughts and touch, your openness and trust, your responses, your being in my life


and you make me recall
every poem you`ve ever written, every word, you`ve ever said and every smile i ever saw and how your hair fell. and your hand resting on my forehead and spine and how you read to me


and you also make me wish
so much to help you, never to feel lonely again, for you will know, that there will always be someone close to you, replacing your fear with hope and your emptiness with joy and fulfillment, even if i don`t know how. and that i can help you, fulfilling each of your dreams, whatever they might be, of publishing your writing or anything else you will ever desire


and you make me so extremely thankful

for letting me be in your life, to listen to you and to feel close - every single day


and you make me smile
when thinking of you, during my day, my work or my sleep


and you still make me dizzy once in while

with your words and these nice energies flying around


and then you make me so so proud

with trusting me enough to share your feelings if love, darkness and crazyness with me, your hopes and fears and insecurity


you truly make me feel so many things

but mostly so incredibly graceful for having found someone so so precious like you



and in case should you ever forget * Your imperfections are beautiful, wonderfully unique * @--)---