Moon Crescent "
I am battered, alone on this vessel.
My days have slowly bled into years,
Scorched by time, my memories fade.
But you still remain, bright and forever.
They called me foolish, to venture so far
Away, from all I know and believe
To chase after you, oh dear moon,
In this journey into tomorrow that begins today.
My hands hold onto the stern of the boat,
Eyes upward to you, dear moon.
I have journeyed through wet darkness
To find you, emerging from dusk.
Have you not been pulling me close?
The tide has carried me from my shore,
Where, fingers stretched out, I hold you
With the cold night air between us.
Forget this distance and time between us.
May I one day touch your white face;
As I race to the horizon to meet you,
At the line where the infinite kisses the mortal.
I dig my oars into the water racing to you,
Battling against expectation and obligation
So that I can find you, there, as I dreamed,
Waiting and released into heaven.
But, now, I feel the creeping sun arise,
Burning reality has kindled the dry pages of time,
Making into ashes hard wrought memories
Once written to fight off mortality.

I know, there is no hiding from that orb,
Jealous of our history-- molded from clay and passion.
It brings forth the waves of reality
To wash over me and force amnesia.
Behind me color, drunk and scattered,
In front, perfect darkness lined with your reflection
Guiding to what I know is heaven
In the world I own, my dreams.
My ship is overcome; I cannot see you.
Where are you my light, my evening morning?
You have gone and I am now covered
With the pain of knowing and losing.
My voyage begun and ended on the same shore,
Filled with lost hope and expectation.
But I have not been forgotten, of this I am sure,
My moon will know me again.....tomorrow.
Joshua Marmol
How often I seek you in the day, hovering nervously to you;
Shaking and needing.
Deep longing.
You stand there knowing of my advances,
Yet lean forward ever so slightly
Sweet hope.
Even the slightest breeze pushes me back,
You sway to and fro to me.

Fleeting doubt.
Tirelessly, heart pounding,
I move closer and closer.
Relentless desire.
Open for me, spread forth;
Gentle flower soft and rich,
Willed submission.
The setting sun keeps no time.,
Daylight and night are one.
Timeless affection.
Close onto me, embracing petals,
Silk shield of nature.
True rest.
Enclose me in the darkness of your knowing,
Away from the chaos of forgetting.
New Memory.
Let the morning dew bathe us,
Be cleaned together into a new day.
Life, everlasting.

what happens when Passion and Vision Combine: Magic! I love it
The way your legs rest together,
Both feet pressed like one fin
Swimming through your dreams.
Your eyes dancing, closed.
Hands on your forehead, warm.
As morning begins within you.
The light hairs on your arms
Rising to the cold that slipped inside
The blankets spread like a broken wave.

The sound of your voice, heavy.
Eyes carving the day, seeing
And your breath releases finally.
No more waiting for the day,
Imagination spills its ink
Onto morning sky, sketching the way.
I stretch and reach to the tips
Of your fingers, of your self
And raise the clouds over your eyes.
Rising, at last, like a storm
That had been swept off shore
By the prayers for your tomorrow.
Tired still you rest again,
And now i collapse into you
Finding rest within your comfort.
And together we breath,
Stealing life from the world
To feed the burning fire of our hearts.
And then coming forth
For words building bridges, donatin wings and giving birth to new realities in
which everything that seemed sure will be an Illusion and everything impossible
can become true For words building bridges, donatin wings and giving birth to
new realities in which everything that seemed sure will be an Illusion and
everything impossible can become true.
́if in your fear you would seek only loves peace and pleasure
than it is better for you that you cover your nakedness
and pass out of loves threshing-floor
into this seasonless world, where you shall laugh but not all of your laughter
and weep but not all of your tears` - Kahlil Gibran
" !
Simply. As scent. As passing shadow. You are.
Gently. As breeze. As passing touch. You are.

Deeply. As sunlight. As needed sleep. You are.
Quietly. As thoughts. As unshakeable memories. You are.
Needed. As destiny. As guided paths. You are.
Held. As hope. As fulfilled dreams. You are.
Remembered. As today. As tomorrow. You are.
Adored. As soul. As living love. You are.
Known. As everything. As realized destiny. You are.
Discovered. As life. As every need. You are.
deeply touched - without having sensed your fingertips
honestly moved - without having stepped one inch
truth heard - without even speaking a word
truly seen - just not with the eyes
held - by your thoughts only
felt - but not with my senses
blindfolded - a view so cristal clear
bound by desire - yet so free
flying - without wings
falling - on solid ground
standing - on shaking soil
running - so to be near you
speaking - with one look only
speechless - literally
beautifully dressed - totally stripped naked
kneeling - like a queen

dancing - in silence
dreaming - wide awake
searching - the hidden
hoping - the impossible
" by me *