Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.
– Rumi (The Essential Rumi)


now it´s finally time for a domestic adventure <3 ***

Finding Love in Paris !
maybe we meet again

so this is to my one true Love
i was sweet 15 ~ young & wild, raised by a mum, who made me a Pippi
Longstocking & being a freedom loving hippie girl when still in her womb ~ madly
in love with Jim Morrisson, Redwine + cigarettes & Liberté toujours, i met her
it was a coup de foudre ~ helplessly, madly, wildly, passionately, crazily, i fell for
her. We united for a week ~ yes, a week end romance with love at first sight + a
passionate firework, alighting the sky, shaking the earth + imprinting a feeling of
love in my heart which was bound to stay
In this week we sang songs of Jim Morrisson at his grave +in front of Notre Dame
together, sat on the Ile de la Cité with Crackers & Redwine, wrote Poetry on the
banks of the Seine + the Place des Vosges + strolled the bridges on Ile St Louis
to just stop for the street singers, playing John Lennonˋs Imagine while the sun
set over the Seine, with its peniches + sparkling stars on its surface. i was young,
wild, struck, smitten + crazily, madly + helplessly in love ~ little did I know what
true love would be.
When we parted, i cried + cried 2 days later still + 4 days later still ~ + on the 6th
day, i skipped school + hitchhiked back with my best friend to be in her arms
The guy let us out in one of her spookiest corners at 2am in the morning. Fearful
+ freezing we spent the night shivering on some stairs just to find out 4h later,
how just around the corner has been a 24h Café all along. On the counter, a guy
was playing with a gas pistol + the coffee was the shittiest i can remember,
having ever had. We were shaking from the cold of the night on the street +
having been awake for close to 30h in a row ~ in short: never have i been so
happy in my life
i was back with my lover + en plus met an artist from San
Francisco (hi Tom :)) with whom i strolled through her gardens + along her river
banks, holding his hand, balancing on the edges of the Seine, red wine + a
drawing book (for him) + a writing book (for me) getting drunk with her every night
in her most mystic & romantic places
From back then, she was engraved in my heart ~ completely, deeply, wildly,
passionately + whenever i couldn’t be with her every other month, my heart
Pictures of her + me on all my walls, i carried her with me everywhere i went
~ + my life went on .. I remember sparkling nights + glorious days + love + joy +
endless seemingly freedom + dancing the night away anywhere.

+ I ˋve known dark times + sorrow + not only times with a darker shade of light
but complete darkness, lights out ~ completely, for a long time, several times.
I got married + later divorced, i travelled the world, i stood on the most beautiful,
magic + remote places of this amazing planet, layed on the beach with seals on
Galápagos Islands, danced Tango in Buenos Aires + Samba in Brasil .. saw the
first morning clouds raising over Machu Picchu + drank Champagne on a pirates
ship in Capetown ..
watched northern lights dancing on the north cape ..
viewed the beauty of the Coral Reef in Australia, got lost on a night market in
Hong Kong, sang to the guitar on a beach in Napoli, while thousands of sparkling
stars were falling above us from the crystal sky + toured all of Europe in an old
lightblue caravan, barefoot with colorful pearls + beads + coins woven in my hair
~ never have i been so happy as when returning to her
Dreaming vividly of being a dancer in Paris, one day my husband in a fight,
argued bitterly: there’s nothing + noone you love as much as Paris anyway. I just
shrugged my shoulders.
Whatever beautifully happened in my life: i wanted to share it with her
whenever darkness fell: i longed to be comforted by her
whenever i danced half drunk on her riverbanks, barefoot in the rain: i was the
happiest girl in this world,
whenever i prayed in her holy places: i was transported into another sphere
whenever i sang with her street singers all night long: i had tears of joy falling over
my skin
.. feet dangling in the Seine, white chocolate ice cream + Doors + Uriah Heep in
the background
.. wrote + read poetry in her parks + strolled her streets + cried in her churches +
kissed + danced + drank in her rain +:loved her each year more + more.
then friday the 13th hit + the horrible terror attacks shattered + wounded my
truest love of all ~ + everyone, all her tourists + part-time lovers wanted to leave
her as quickly as possible.

My only wish was to be with her. With her + all the Parisians, who stood by her in
these hours, prayed for her, stood in line to donate blood, spread their love in
yoga lessons, went out to drink Champagne in the bars at night anyway +
laughed nonetheless of the horror, when Charlie Hebdo titeled: you have the
bullets, but we have the champagne.
Who boldly kept on living their life, love, strength in this wounded city which now
patrolling soldiers, gendarmerie, police, barriers everywhere suddenly, where
before only freedom was known. When now praying in my beloved places, i said:
merci bien, to the soldiers, who were protecting our gatherings
My Love .. almost 30 years later .. tried + tested in the joys + hardships of life +
much stronger in my heart than ever before.
stronger as when dancing barefoot in her rain, stronger as when drinking in her
summer nights + stronger as when singing on her bridges + her river banks on
sunny days + stary nights.
30 years later .. a love as strong as one can possibly imagine
when my
husband and i parted ways after close to 23 years, i followed my hearts calling to
finally be with her forever. When your dreams become reality + you finally arrive
home + your fairy tale becomes true .. things changes ..
i moved in a little tiny 9sqm apartment, sharing my toilet with 10 neighbors + a
rooftop overlooking all of my love from above .. I spend 2+h one way of
commuting to work, changing trains + metros + crazy spooky quarters of the
banlieus at night, waiting for my laundry in the washing saloon + spend my days
not strolling her parks + bridges anymore, but using free internet at Starbucks or
public wifi on some corners for important emails. I learned french when the
heating stopped working under a non isolated roof in the midst of a winter, when
the elevator stopped in between 2 étages, when opening a bank account +
applying for a carte vitale + argueing with the french tax department seemed
heavier than anything ever ..
sometimes i didn’t eat much because the living costs where too high + often i
was just tired after 4 h of commuting in cramped trains with stressed + tired
people around me + just happy today is not one of the days with one of the
inevitable strikes ..
.. + when i look out of my window + i see the Eiffel tower sparkling at night + my
love waking up in the sunrise + starting to glow in the summer sun + listen to the
music of the rain on my rooftop + seeing her beauty + monuments sparkle when
night falls, in front of me in all of her splendor .. I can honestly say, I ˋve never
been happier ~ not when traveling the world, not when sharing 120sqm with my
husband, overlooking beautiful vineyards, not horseback riding sandy beaches,
not paragliding sunny cliffs, not ziplining, cliffhanging, shipsailing, traveling,
dancing, whirling, flying, resting, dreaming, wandering, all the amazing places +
magic corners of this world.
when i come home to the most beautiful + precious tiny apartment, exhausted,
tired, hungry, ennerved ~ i look at her and i cry tears of joy .. i ˋm home
i ́ve
finally arrived in the arms of my lover .. my truest love, my first love, my longest,
wildest love
Our love has passed the trials & tests of time. It has changed with the seasons +
it proved itself in good + bad times, in wealth + poverty, in abundance + dreams,
in sacrifices + reality
it grew from a passionate start to a deep committed
relation in all kinds of seasons + grew stronger + stronger with each single
passing year
in my heart i ˋm still a hippie girl who just fell in love with Paris yesterday, but now
i ˋm with her + happily + deeply in love with her still, after all these years ..
matured, yet still crazy + still crazily in love with her
summer, winter, rain, snow, dance, songs, picnics, stars + living on nothing
than a prayer .. Oui, je veux, parce que je tˋaime + je tˋadore + je vais tˋaimer
chaque jour de toute ma vie
! #
i was sweet 15 ~ young + wild, when i marked each + every one of my
school books with Paris, je tˋaime, yet little did i know of the essence of love ..
30 years later, a little matured ~ hopefully + been through life in all of its
richness .. seen lovers + friends arrive + fade, seasons come + change +
transform again, living life in all of its fullness, in sunshine + rain + underneath all
the brilliant rainbows which are made of its amazing fusion .. she was with me
every step of my way ..
a true lover is called crazy but couldn’t care less about as he dances to a different
tune. it’s the song of his own heart beat. A Lover is following his unique heart
song, regardless if noone understands .. he knows ́whatever it is, which stirs your
soul, listen to it. everything else is just noise ˋ she has been my love in the
summer sun + in winter nights + she will be forever + a day
! #
True love proves itself over the course of time. Times they are a changinˋ yet love
will not fade. It will start maybe as a wild spring storm first, transforming into a
passionate love affair, celebrating joyous moments of pure pleasure together +

passionate love affair, celebrating joyous moments of pure pleasure together +
then mature + grow + imprint itself in your heart forever

this is what she did to
me + après tout ca, je te confirme

Paris, je tˋaime ******<3



L'homme descend du songe. (Georges Moustaki)





passion, romance, craziness, sensuality, spiritality, savoir vivre, dolce
vita, joie de vivre, heart, music, love, kisses, dancing in the rain, sun, Seine ;)
chocolat blanc ice cream, passionate language ..  just all the
things my soul is, my heart is searching for, you find here ..
romance, passion, laughter, discussions over philosophy, sitting all night half drunk under the
stars, reading poetry naked, kissing in the rain, walk through endless fields of
sunflowers in its surrounding, getting yourself completely emerged in art + beauty + poetry ... i feel my soul cannot breathe if there's no passion +
craziness involved

i really feel, i feel at home in Paris because the things i am about ~loving, strolling,
thinking, beauty, art, dance, poetry, romance, wine, dance .. ~ are woven into the
very fabric of this city. It's the city of love, of light, of art, of beauty + the place where
modern art, writing + philosophy were born
picturesque parks, cafes, bookstores, sweet wine + summer rain, dancing soft
shimmering lights in the Seine, it's in Paris, this dreamy strolling can be perfected +
promotes this meditative state of mind which leads to beauty + artistry
Loved ones arrive, wine bottles are opened to complete picnic meals, books are read,
set aside + picked up again .. life is flowing + artists walking ...a man who might be
Monet passes the street ;)) + at night you sit au bord de l'eau + listen to the street
singers from Boston, California, Bordeaux, Italy + Australia, who all meet in this
wonderful city of love

that was my morning love declaration to my new home ;))

.. "und vergesst nicht, dass die Erde es geniesst, eure nackten füsse zu spüren + die

winde sich sehnen, mit euren locken zu spielen " khalil gibran :)))

je vous souhaite une journee plein de merveilles <3