<3 <3 <3 <3 The Manual <3 <3 <3 <3

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You wonder what burns inside of me? Her memory. The way I could turn the pages of her life and read back to her the stories she needed to remember, and to live.

You see I was a student. Carefully taking notes, inscribing everything she did onto my soul. Using her laughter and tears as ink, tattooing my heart with her scripture.

The lessons I learned are what you need if you ever want to hold love in your hands. To experience that power like a god that holds creation for the first time.

Sit close to me and I will tell you. Chapter by chapter what it means to be close to yours.

Chapter One: Moods

Whoever speaks of love as a calm ocean against a clear sky is like the sailor asleep on the shore dreaming of adventures while his ship sails to explore.

Living love is the sudden awareness of bringing too little to a journey that requires everthing.

Go forth, sail into this doubt. The journey that matters is the one where you become lost. Otherwise you just took yourself to what you already knew. If you had wanted that, you would never have found her in the beginning … And surely you will never keep her.

You will spend nights peering into the stars imagining that somehow angels are peeking down on you in jealousy. You will seek darkness so your world becomes just large enough to hold you both.

Then the day comes, when she will tear down that screen and shake the calm. She will rise like the tide, bring you close to the edge and then let you fall. This feeling becomes both a sensation and a fear that you may lose her with wrong words or misplaced touch, as you cling to the side of your ship.

Hold on. Speak in low voices and remind her you are there. Let her be this tempest for she does not fight you, but the forces that keep her drawn to this earth.

Never forget that all storms are not the same. Learn to listen to her. She carries quiet pain. Be silent. Tend to her. Her body quakes like a bud flowering; care for her. Stand not even in her shadow or in the way of the breeze of time that soothes her.

Do not confuse silence with absence. She never forgets you. Not even with her eyes closed or her lips shut. Her mind never sleeps, even if you hope for it at times, for her sake.

In these times, her true self is not what you see on the surface, but like an ocean strom, what lies beneath. That quiet. Unseen. Clouded. The only way you can know … is to dive in, sink and discover.

What you hold is a living soul, a divine tear drop that came from the infinite to fill her mortal shell. She is ready to burst, to scatter. You wait for that moment when destiny blows and you flee with her to feed the world with your whole selves.

<3 Chapter Two: Waiting

There is a speed to love that rushes you forward as if the years you had lived were actually just wasted seconds.

Your body is ripped from time and your memories are scattered like dust on a race track. Lunging forward your whole body quakes. Your heart races. Your breathing quickens, there is not enough air to feed your burning body.

It is as if your body is stretched thightly through time like a bow, so love can shoot your soul across all the space that ever separated you from her.

As you begin this jouney, listen closely, before it flees from you as quickly a it arrived. I say to you, wait. Train all of your senses again as you are reborn in this love.

Before you knew her, you were blind. When you met her, all you saw was just a shadow of her true self. This is love´s way of protecting you from receiving what you cannot yet accept.

May never learn to see and believe that shadows is all to see. Then they become lost again and curse love for the darkess.

Let your soul´s eyes open. Notice the way you are each imperfect. She stumbles, slips even if you believe she floats like an angel. She will open all of your secrets and the wounds long forgotten.

Her weakness may not wait for your strength and her strength may not wait for yours, leaving moments where you both sink under the weight of your imperfections.

To see her is to know that she is art, not because of the canvas of her body or the hue of her lips, but as she is the work of a master, carved onto this universe, to teach us to see what we could never have imagined needing.

Will you be patient to learn this wisdom? Love does not forgive the rushed who hide their ignorance with the blur of reaction.

Chapter Three: Evolving <3

You waited so long for her, found her, but kow this: you are not yet ready for her.

You were both broken, apart. A clay chalice held by love and dropped onto earth so that you can find each other again.

At first encounter, you appear to be two halves once broken but now connected. But see carefully, the spaces in your heart, even when close to her, remain.

In the euphoria of finding her you will ignore these spaces and fill them in with the broken parts of your self: Loneliness. Your wants. Your needs. Forcing her to be an extension of yourself. She feeds you so that she is no longer your heart but your stomach.


Love is not simply turning on the light so wake from your sleep. Love is having light so you can live your dreams.

You are not made in her image nor she of yours. You are to become what you were created to be.

The way?

She leads you. Holding you by the hands, she tells of her secrets. The emptiness in her soul, the ways she is lost, how she has failed.

Do not be afraid. Her edges are sharp. Her pieces are jaded. You will bleed and feel pain. Her pain.

Now, she needs your touch. Pressing close you are both filled, slow and warm, like poured honey.

You must grow. Like ivy binding together mountainsides, you will learn to stay together no matter how great the distance.

Listen again. When she is quiet. Listen again. She will teach you, carve into you a new form.

Take the shattered clay shards of yourselves and place it in the furnace of your hearts. Become new. Together.

To come together was never meant to be the joining together of separation, but an opportunity to form. <3 <3 <3 <3




<3 Simply <3

Simply. As scent. As passing shadow. You are.

Gently. As breeze. As passing touch. You are.

Deeply. As sunlight. As needed sleep. You are.

Quietly. As thoughts. As unshakeable memories. You are.

Needed. As destiny. As guided paths. You are.

Held. As hope. As fulfilled dreams. You are.

Remembered. As today. As tomorrow. You are.

Adored. As soul. As living love. You are.

Known. As everything. As realized destiny. You are.

Discovered.As life. As every need. You are.


Wake. Butterfly. Angel. Dream

Wake. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow

Wake. Wisdom. Laughter. Joy

Wake. Silence. Reflection. Prayer

Wake. Hunger. Desire. Passion

Wake. Gentleness. Strength. Confidence

Soul, wake when she does <3


<3 You are held like breath underwater

You are remembered like a first kiss

You are listened to like midnight conversations

You are prayed for like a temple offering

You are needed like a body needs a soul <3

<3 From two seeds and two paths came two dreams and two lifes

Dozens of promises and greater number of lessons

Each made and some forgotten under a hundred starry nights

Thousands of breaths and millions of heartbeats later

Racing so fast past, that memories blend, blur and are countless


One encounter, one moment

That became one life, one entwined path

Let us do it all again, Love never learns to count <3 <3 <3 <3




be safe because your life is precious

be careful as you are gentle in your beauty

be aware as your mind holds treasure yet uncovered

be attentive as your words heal and care

be patient as the way is being written by destiny`s own hand

be beautiful - this you do easily in color and wisdom

be wise listen to your heart + your mind, two instruments playing together in harmony

be silent - listen to all that remind you of your dreams

be awake - soul open to life, ever ready to learn + accept

be you as you bring imperfection to perfection by becoming complete


simply. as scent. as passing shadow. you are.

gently. as breeze. as passing touch. you are.

deeply. as sunlight. as needed sleep. you are.

quietly. as thoughts. as unshakeable memories. you are.

needed. as destiny. as guided paths. you are.

held. as hope. as fulfilled dreams. you are.

remembered. as today. as tomorrow. you are.

adored. as soul. as living love. you are.

known. as everything. as realized destiny. you are.

discovered. as life. as every need. you are.


Sun spoke to moon,
Boasting of the tapestry of light 
Mocking the moon's shelter of night. 

I see all color, waking birds sing my name 
Altars are made for my arrival,
Gods named after me. 

Crowds work and build under me,
Climbing to reach me 
Knowing they fear even my gentle wrath. 

Moon will never see this glory,
You are buried in sleep 
Covered with my dust you call stars. 

In your reign, people huddle in fear 
Making sculptures of light 
That honor their memory of me. 

Moon, ever quiet, opened its yellow eyes
Face cratered and disfigured
Knew it was no match to beauty or power of sun.

I am moon, I reign over tomorrow 
My cloak is the universe
The one who can see fears not my darkness. 

My kingdom is hidden and free 
Unchained from your painful gaze. 
Welcome relief to burning faces. 

My light sees everything you cannot see,
Evening rituals preparing for rest,
Roman beauty naked for my eyes alone. 

I hear the laughter of families reuniting,
Prayers made and hopes planned 
I see expectations made before day breaks. 

I breathe dreams, taste midnight kisses,
Press the scent of passion on pillows--
Warm, tired love twists under me. 

Secrets are developed in my dark room,
Conversations made that light cannot witness,
Silence joins the chorus of hearts waking. 

Yes, I am moon, my spies are shadows 
My mercy is shade. 
My love the world visible to hearts
♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡<3<3<3 <3 by J.M.<3