we all need a safe place to be who we truly are and what we truly feel.
As long as we are in touch with others we will hurt + we will get hurt, the more so the closer we are. Only those can truly hurt us. But thats really a good thing. Because if we´ve been hurt, we´ve been touched - and thats by far the greatest priviledge possible.
Also even hurtful emotions can leadto something good + more closeness - or hurt & separation, depending on how we desal with it. In our life + our relation negative emotions will show. It´s not the hurt, it´s how we deal with it.
The good way is to take care of it, while taking it as an oportunity to learn from the pain + to grow personally + closer together. while the wrong way avoids taking care of these emotions and just projects own hurt feelings.
the good way acknowledges + accepts what happened + takes responsibility from both sides, trying to understand each other. while the wrong way just blames + judges, without any try to understand, forgive, take responsibility + ask for forgiveness.
the good way is feeling these emotions + therefore give power to the deeper needs underneath it + take care of them to heal. the wrong way is to let teh hurt emotions control the situation forever and project them.
within the pain we can find truth, understanding, forgiveness which will set us free or aggressiveness, manipulation, fight or flight, which will trap us.
we can take problems as an opportunity to grow personally and together. Or we can feel anxious and afraid and try to avoid problems.
we can acknowledge whats there or deny whats there.
we can be honest with ourselves + each other or try to hide our true feelings + needs.
feelings are either heard + resolved, so that afterwards freedom + happy emotions can show or in the wrong way are only projected and not resolved so that hurt stays with us.
we can always either focus on the solution. or the division.
we can either take down all our defences to be heard + seen. Or we put up all our defences + build up walls to shut each other out.
we will either accept pain + hurt in our relations or we will stay lonely forever.
problems can either point us to true core issues or we decide to not look at the core but stay on the surface level.
we can be vulnerable or reactionary.
we can acknowledge grey areas and allow room to learn + grow or we can allow only black and white with no shades of grey and then run for the hills.
we can trust that there is safety to still be precious even if we fail. Or fear that we are not worthy anymore.
We can focus on the action. Or judging the person.
we can focus on the relation. Or on separation.
the good way is to express hurts, wishes + needs. the wrong way is to project expectations.
the right thing to do would be to allow + express emotions. the wrong thing would be to surpress them.
we could truly resolve the problem + thus turning it into something positive. or we could fuel but not resolve it thus staying in negativity.
The good way would in the end lead to closeness, growth, peace, liberation, acceptance, forgiveness, openess, love. while the wrong way leads to anger, unforgiveness, disgust, sadness, loneliness, dispair, avoidance, rejection, shame, guilt, resentment, helplessness.
if the core issue can be openly looked at + fixed there will be groth which makes both people happier in the relation. if the core issue is never being fixed, there will always be a problem.
if in your own life or your relation problems will show, it´s actually a good thing, if dealt with them the right way. they can make us or break us. but actually they are designed to bring us closer to ourself or to the other instead of seperate us from our true self or the other.
The thing is we all need release for all our emotions in safety, for the good, the bad, the hurtful, the joyful, funny, crazy, desperate, shameful, lustful, strange, accepted + non acceptable ones. Only when we find this place we can in truth express everything we are + feel, + still be liked and forgiven + understood we have truly found a place to call home for our hearts. If we can find this, being heard + understood as we truly are in safety, withourt fear, in freedom, with no expectations, fear or judgements.
this was never about blame or judgement. this is just about loving + caring and about respect + needs in a relationship/ friendship. Every relation to yourself, partner, friends, thrive or wilt on how well you both do under emotional pressure.
this may be the one single thing we need to master if we truly want our relationships to blossom.
If we don´t want to hurt or get hurt then the only way is to stay alone and avoid close relationships. The only way out would be to dig a hole in the ground to live in. Only those who touch us can hurt us.

In your life there are so many people looking in
your eyes day to day, yet never ever truly seeing you. + Thn
there are those, where just one look is enough to deeply see
+ understand your heart + to recognize your soul. I love you
very much.


he said:

Your words. Your words your words ... Yes I realized immediately
keeping you close was more important than anything physical
That the
love you share is deeper and grounded in the depths of our
souls. Deeply anchored there I want to know you and be close to you
forever. Not for a
moment. Not even for just joy I want you close even in the
sadness and
the difficulties. Or with me: my moodiness I will try my
best to protect
you. Care for you And in my weakness attempt to know you
better as
there is such a rare but universal beauty about you. You
teach me. You
let me see myself. You are a gift and I know a life with you
so be a
dream and a fulfillment.


it was like the heaven was pouring down on me,
everything it held in store, without holding anything back. sweet
wine + summer rain + all the blessings one could think of

like a bride needs to prepare for her big day + save + plan + trust + get more
beautiful + dream or a student needs to prepare for the exams, or a fruit waiting from
springtime to late fall to finally be harvested. there ́s a fine line between rushing into
something + waiting forever, yet if we follow the calling, i ́m sure we ́ll know when
the time is right there will be no more questions, just answers

"this is the beginning of a new journey this is the return to paradise " *

winter solstice
there always is silence, before the birth of a heavenly symphony
there always is void, before the creation of a beautiful piece of art
there always is wasteland, before the planting of a rose-garden
there always is letting go, before receiving something stunningly new
there always is a blank page, before it`s filled with flowing verses
there always is white canvas, before it shows a wondrous image

there always is an empty stage, before the union of the lovers
there always is dark night, before the birds start singing their morning praises
there always is a death, before a rising of new life
there always is great pain, before gained wisdom, peace and joy
there always is a cold winter, before awakening of life-promising spring
there always is loneliness, before meeting the one who will take it away forever
there always is a darkest night, before the new birth of the light
but for all in love with the sunrise
still true to the night
tonight, at winter solstice, all the universe is giving its undeniable promise that no
matter how long the darkness, sadness, loneliness,
at the breaking of dawn,
there always will be love, joy, light
be safe because your life is precious
be careful as you are gentle in your beauty
be aware as your mind holds treasure yet uncovered
be attentive as your words heal and care
be patient as the way is being written by destiny`s own hand
be beautiful - this you do easily in color and wisdom
be wise listen to your heart + your mind, two instruments playing together in
be silent - listen to all that remind you of your dreams
be awake - soul open to life, ever ready to learn + accept
be you as you bring imperfection to perfection by becoming complete
simply. as scent. as passing shadow. you are.
gently. as breeze. as passing touch. you are.
deeply. as sunlight. as needed sleep. you are.
quietly. as thoughts. as unshakeable memories. you are.
needed. as destiny. as guided paths. you are.
held. as hope. as fulfilled dreams. you are.
remembered. as today. as tomorrow. you are.
adored. as soul. as living love. you are.
known. as everything. as realized destiny. you are.
discovered. as life. as every need. you are.
Sun spoke to moon,
Boasting of the tapestry of light
Mocking the moon's shelter of night.
I see all color, waking birds sing my name
Altars are made for my arrival,
Gods named after me.
Crowds work and build under me,

Climbing to reach me
Knowing they fear even my gentle wrath.
Moon will never see this glory,
You are buried in sleep
Covered with my dust you call stars.
In your reign, people huddle in fear
Making sculptures of light
That honor their memory of me.
Moon, ever quiet, opened its yellow eyes
Face cratered and disfigured
Knew it was no match to beauty or power of sun.
I am moon, I reign over tomorrow
My cloak is the universe
The one who can see fears not my darkness.
My kingdom is hidden and free
Unchained from your painful gaze.
Welcome relief to burning faces.
My light sees everything you cannot see,
Evening rituals preparing for rest,
Roman beauty naked for my eyes alone.
I hear the laughter of families reuniting,
Prayers made and hopes planned
I see expectations made before day breaks.
I breathe dreams, taste midnight kisses,
Press the scent of passion on pillows--
Warm, tired love twists under me.
Secrets are developed in my dark room,
Conversations made that light cannot witness,
Silence joins the chorus of hearts waking.
Yes, I am moon, my spies are shadows
My mercy is shade.
My love the world visible to hearts


I want to see you.
Know your voice.
Recognize you when you
first come around the corner.
Sense your scent when I come
into a room you've just left.
Know the lift of your heel,

the glide of your foot.
Become familiar with the way
you purse your lips
then let them part,
just the slightest bit,
when I lean in to your space
and kiss you.
I want to know the joy
of how you whisper